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Crash tested barriers are a necessity in many instances and have numerous applications. They are commonly found on roads and highways as a means of containing errant vehicles. Border Barriers has a range of crash barriers in various specifications, tested to withstand impact from vehicles traveling at a number of speeds.

Border Barriers supplies the following crash tested barriers available for purchase or hire:

  • Rhino Crash Tested Safety Barrier - provided by Border Barriers and used extensively during construction and events of the 2012 London Olympics. These barriers are MIRA tested to 50mph, require no ground drilling to secure, and weigh only 170 kg when empty, increasing to a sturdy 530 kg when filled with water.
  • Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers - Highways Agency approved, reinforced concrete barriers capable of containing vehicles traveling up to 70mph. Excellent for use on verges and central reservations and weighing approximately 2500 kg.

Our crash barriers are perfect for multiple uses. The most common application of our crash tested barriers, particularly TVCBs, is on highways to prevent vehicles traveling towards oncoming traffic and minimise damage if they do stray off course.

Crash barrier hire is also the ideal solution to roadwork safety. They offer protection in the unlikely event that a driver loses control and ensures that your employees and their work are safe from harm.

At many types of event, crash barriers are a must. They provide a safe and efficient way of controlling the flow of traffic, whether it is in or out of your event. In instances such as racing events where vehicles move at high speeds in close proximity to an audience, they are essential in maintaining a safe environment and complying with health and safety regulations.

Why use Border Barriers?

  • Next day delivery and installation - at Border Barriers we hold vast amounts of stock at any one time and with our ‘QuickSafe’ delivery service, make use of our own fleet of vehicles, including Moffet Mounty forklift trucks, to offload and install for you the very next day.
  • Flexibility - whether you require barriers for one day, or to keep, there is no issue. Every single barrier available from Border Barriers is available for both hire and purchase to suit your needs.
  • Proven Products - everything we manufacture and supply is tested and approved to Highways Agency and Chapter 8 standard for road, site and street work safety. Our barriers have been used at highly successful events like the 2012 London Olympics and Glastonbury Festival.


At Border Barriers we understand the issue of site and event safety can be complex, so as well as supply you with what you need, our friendly and dedicated representatives are more than happy to help work out the best solution for your project. Get in touch today to find out more about Border Barriers crash-tested barrier and concrete barrier hire. Give us a call on 01228 675 764 for a faster response.

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