Self Weighted Barriers

Self-weighted barriers are sturdy and ideal in situations where access to water is restricted. Border Barriers always has a wide range of self-weighted barriers in stock including concrete traffic barriers and heavy metal and plastic barriers available for next day delivery in the UK.

Reinforced concrete barriers and other self-weighted barriers can be applied as part of multiple barrier systems mainly designed to protect workforce and pedestrians. The solid base construction usually in concrete, metal or high density plastic, depending on the model, can be supplied with or without a wide range of top safety fencing or hoarding sections. In addition to highways projects, concrete security barriers and self-weighted metal barriers are ideal for site security and event-based safety.

See our range of concrete road barriers, metal barriers and rigid plastic barriers below:

  • TVCB - Temporary Vertical Concrete BarriersPre-cast concrete safety barrier, prevents unauthorised vehicular access and ideal for securing sites
  • Traffic LogMaintenance free temporary safety kerb - hire or buy in a wide choice of colours tailored to your requirements
  • Metal GuardA multi-application safety and security system designed for pedestrian and workforce protection
  • Strongwall 1000 Safety BarrierProtect pedestrians from moving vehicles and deep excavations with this highly visible self-weighted safety barrier
  • Strongfence Safety BarrierAll the benefits of BBS Strongwall combined with anti-climb fencing for added security and protection during streetworks
  • BBS Jersey BarrierAn interlocking heavy duty system designed for the ultimate in anti-vehicle perimeter protection.
  • BBS Legato Interlocking BarrierCast with a lifting pin, each block can be easily configured without the need for specialist lifting equipment.
  • BBS Security BlocksIdeal for preventing unwanted access to land and buildings.
  • BBS Road RunnerThe interlocking base design of the BBS Road Runner allows for quick installation.
  • QuickSafe 24hr Nationwide
  • Delivery & Installation Available
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